Viadeo acquires Soocial

29 November — Amsterdam-based start-up Soocial has been acquired by Paris-based professional social network Viadeo. All Soocial services will continue independently for now for its 120.000 customer base. The team will stay in Amsterdam and become an independent business unit as part of the bigger story of Viadeo, with more resources to provide more cool stuff in the future. Contact Management is a key feature for professional networks and Soocial will be providing this added value to users of Viadeo.

August 2011

  1. Aug 12

    Virgin Mobile teams up with Dutch start-up Soocial to spice up address book syncing

    Amsterdam-based start-up Soocial has concluded a partnership to provide its online address book synchronization service to customers of telco company Virgin Mobile. Under the agreement, more than one million Virgin Mobile customers in Australia will be offered Soocial's service starting September. The partnership coincides with Soocial launching business accounts which allow companies to share important business contacts internally between co-workers in a safe way.

April 2010

  1. Apr 06

    Amsterdam based startup to help Iceland financially

    Amsterdam based startup, today announced it is offering their premium service to people from Iceland for free. The Dutch startup understands the troubling financial times the Icelandic are in and have chosen to support them by offering their synchronization and backup software for free. The help comes at a time when economy has hit an all time low this winter.
  2. Apr 06

    Amsterdam based startup launches paid syncing and backup service

    Amsterdam based startup Soocial, today announced it is launching its premium address book synchronization service. Soocial is offering the premium services to people from Iceland for free. The premium service allows for syncing all address books across 500 phones, computers and online services. Soocial is the only service that offers full-two way syncing between your phone, computer and online services like Gmail. The free service serves as a risk free introduction to the service.